3 Kinds of Brushes for Your Everyday Suede Shoes

Having suede shoes are a classic piece in every wardrobe. However, choosing suede becomes also a big responsibility for people who want to buy it as suede get on more dirt and is harder to clean compared to other materials. This is why investing in good suede brushes are definitely most important. Not only for your shoes but basically for every suede made things you will own in the future.

However, upon stumbling into the world of suede brushes, it can be quite confusing and frustrating to know which one to buy. Buying the wrong one will also make you feel that it’s nothing but a waste of money. So here’s the three basic brushes for your daily use.

  1. Suedette Brush
    Brush material: Brass wire bristles, with soft protective nylon bristles around it
    How to use: Brass wire bristles are used for worn down naps, while the nylon bristles are used to lift up naps and for finish after using the brass wire bristles
    Best Removes: Marks and Scuffs
    Best for: Fashion Suede Brush shoes and boots

  1. Brass Suede Brush
    Brush material: Hard Bristled Nylon Brushes
    How to use: Focus brushing dirtied area
    Best Removes: Mud and Dirt
    Best for: Workboots, tramping shoes

  1. Suede Combi Brush
    Brush material: Rubber bristles on one side, nylon and/or brass bristles on others, depending on the kind, some can have two while others 3.
    How to use: Use the nylon and brass bristles to clean the napps, while the rubber bristles and serrated edges are used to clean between soles and upper of shoes
    Best Removes: Multifunctional, marks and scuff, light dirt
    Best for: Different types of suede shoes





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