I ran and owned a family home care business up in Northern California. We took care of seniors who needed extra help to maintain their independence in their home. I loved my job. Some of these seniors had mobility issues and they needed extra help with some of their day to day activities. One of the things we always purchased for our seniors were long handled shoe horns so that they could put on their shoes without bending over. We quickly noticed there wasn't anywhere on the internet where you could browse a large variety of different shoehorns to purchase, so Shoehorn.com was born out of necessity. We understand not all our customers are seniors and everyone is different and have different needs.

We run shoehorn.com a lot like how we run our family home care business, with compassion and pride for our customers. You see, we don't just sell shoe horns, we sell quality and customer service. That is why all our shoehorns are backed by a 100% Lifetime Guarantee. It's this philosophy of putting extra love into everything you do that gets me going in the morning and it's so fulfilling to know our customers appreciate it.




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