Shoehorns Provide Assisted Mobility for Seniors

When advancing age creates new physical challenges, many seniors need help with their day-to-day routines. Simple activities like bathing or getting dressed get more complicated. If you have trouble bending over due to a disability or chronic pain condition, putting on your shoes may become a chore. Problems with mobility or coordination due to arthritis, diabetic neuropathy or the effects of a stroke may limit your ability to use your hands properly. Even without serious disabilities, it may hard to bend over without losing your balance. If you suffer from dizziness or weakness, or you are at risk of falling, putting on your shoes can actually be dangerous. Fortunately, this complicated problem has a simple solution. A shoehorn can help you get dressed with no pain or risk of injury. 

How Does a Shoehorn Work?

With a quality shoehorn, assisted mobility is at your fingertips. If you've never used one, you can quickly learn how by following these three simple steps.
  1. Insert your toes into the front of your shoe, and fit your heel against the curved end of the shoehorn.
  2. Holding the shoehorn in place, push down with your heel so that your foot and the shoehorn slip inside the back end of the shoe. The smooth outer surface of the shoehorn will help your heel glide inside easily while keeping the shoe's heel from collapsing.
  3. Remove the shoehorn from the shoe. That's it!
In just seconds, what was once an ordeal that involved bending, reaching and grappling with your shoes becomes an effortless task. With a little help from a simple device like a shoehorn, you can get ready to join friends for dinner or go shopping without wasting time, risking a fall or enduring hand or back pain. 

What Should Seniors Look for in a Shoehorn?

Not all shoehorns are created equal. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right one.

  • Although shoehorns are relatively inexpensive compared to other assistive devices, you want to invest in one that you won't need to replace often. Look for solid construction; durable, high-quality plastic shoehorns are lightweight and easy to carry. Plastic designs give you just enough flexibility to make insertion easier without causing discomfort. Plastic is highly sanitary and will last for years, and it's unlikely to cause cuts, irritations or other injuries.
  • Your shoehorn should allow you to put your shoes on while you're standing up. The perfect length depends on your height, but a shoehorn between 21 and 31 inches long is usually a practical choice.
  • Look for a large handle that is easy to manage, especially if you have arthritis, neuropathy or any other condition that makes using your hands difficult. A big, easy-to-grip handle makes using your shoehorn quick and effortless.
  • Your ideal shoehorn should also have a wide end that's easy to slip into your shoes.

Long-Handled Shoehorn Product Recommendation for Seniors

The 24-inch Plastic Longhandled Shoehorn from is the most recommended product type for seniors who need mobility assistance. It's made with durable plastic and comes in a variety of colors including black, pure white, baby blue, chocolate brown, dark grey, gentleman's blue, delightful red and turquoise, so you can choose the color that's easiest for you to see or that matches your personality or decor. Its weight is a mere 3.80 ounces, and it has an ideal width of 1.88 inches for easy insertion. The high-quality device is available at a great price, and it's ready to make every day easier for you. Order your shoehorn today, and say goodbye to daily shoe struggles.



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