Metal Shoehorn Vs. Plastic Shoehorn

Shoe horns are an easy way to keep your footwear in good condition. With a sturdy shoe horn, you can keep the backs of your shoes from getting scrunched while you put them on. This is especially helpful with stiff-backed shoes like high heels and men's dress shoes. If your feet swell from time to time, a good shoe horn can make the difference between getting your shoes on and going barefoot. Long-handled shoe horns can help seniors and those with bending problems to slip into their footwear effortlessly. 

Which Type Of Shoehorn Is Best?

Metal shoe horns and plastic shoe horns each have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

Features Of Plastic Shoehorns

Less expensive. In most cases, plastic shoehorns won't set you back as much as metal ones. 

More colorful. If you like colors, plastic shoe horns come in a variety of fun shades. Some even feature snazzy designs. 

Lighter weight. Plastic is almost weightless, so a plastic shoe horn won't involve any heavy lifting. 

Less sturdy. Unlike a metal shoehorn, a plastic one won't last as long, especially with frequent use. 

Can be flimsy. A plastic shoehorn won't give you the strength and support of a metal one. Long plastic shoe horns especially may crack or break over time. 

More flexible. Unlike metal, a plastic shoe horn has some give. This can make it easier to use, especially with very stiff shoes. 

Sometimes plastic is stronger than metal. Depending on the plastic used in making the shoehorn, certain types of plastic shoe horns can be more durable than metal ones. 

Features Of Metal Shoehorns

Long-lasting. Metal shoe horns generally last for a very long time. If you use your shoe horn every day, a metal one will almost always outlast a plastic one. 

Higher cost. Because they are more durable and long-lasting, metal shoehorns usually have a higher price than their plastic counterparts. 

Heavier weight. Although a metal shoe horn is only somewhat heavier than a plastic one, the increased heft may pose a problem for seniors, especially if it's a long-handled metal shoe horn. 

Inflexible. Since metal doesn't bend, flex or give, it might not work as well as a plastic one. On the other hand, the lack of flex can make it easier to use with certain types of shoes. 

Could potentially be dangerous. A metal shoe horn can be dangerous for a small child. It could be used to poke someone else or the child might injure itself. 

A good shoe horn can last for a long time and keep your shoes looking fresh and new. Just be sure to consider the pros and cons of different types of shoe horns before making your purchase.



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